iSchool Press Team

iSchool Press Team

iSchool Press Team is an initiative that gives students the opportunity to voice their opinions on issues and subjects important to them. This is a unique platform where they use technology to learn more, do more, say more and discuss more about anything and everything. Their viewpoints are captured in videos where they brainstorm, script, film and edit their ‘masterpieces’ which are then shared through a multitude of platforms for the world to see.

Your school can join this exciting youth media programme

The programme includes:

  • Platform for students to showcase creativity
  • Ongoing competitions and workshops
  • Exposure and PR for schools

Start creating your own videos to share your opinions on things that matter to you.
Enter cool competitions and win great prizes.

To join this exciting school media programme please contact [email protected]




iSchoolAfrica is an education initiative that reaches schools across South Africa in rural and urban settings. The overall objective of the initiative is to empower teachers and students by giving them access to the world’s most advanced educational technology and classroom practices.The iSchoolAfrica Programme brings to schools the iPad Learning Programme and the Youth Press Team Programme. Over 60 000 learners and 3000 teachers have had an opportunity to interact with the programme since its inception.


Excellence in Education Awards

Excellence in Education Awards

Excellence in Education Awards is the vehicle for teachers and students to creatively explore using Apple Technology in bringing the curriculum to life.

Over the last 1O years, we have had over 5000 entries from a multitude of schools. The competition awards schools, teachers and students for their forward thinking and innovative explorations in education.

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What is CodeSpace?
Digital literacy is a critical skill required to navigate the future. CodeSpace has been designed to teach children the basics of computer programming and apply technology skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.
CodeSpace outcomes:

  • Digital literacy: learning to think in the language of computers
  • Communicating & Collaborating: The power of creating things and sharing with others
  • Creative expression: Become creators instead of consumers of technology
  • Questioning: Inspired to solve problems and make sense of digital things in tile world

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Hour of Code
Hour of Code is a global initiative to get everyone coding. Think Ahead’s CodeSpace team will come to your school to facilitate an hour of code with multiple grades, classes and different levels of coding experience.

Schools can contact us to discuss any of the above options as an add-on to computer science related subjects or as a coding festival at school.

Contact CodeSpace for more information.